Hey, ya’ll. Welcome to “Behind the Stall Door”, my blog about the trails and tribulations of a working breastfeeding mother, who has to pump and keep her milk supply going.

Some professional background: I am a corporate accountant for an international freight forwarding company – aka import/export goods of all kinds for different customers. My company is in the top ten companies which provide this service, I work in one of the mid-sized branches in the US. I love my job and I love the people I work with everyday. Therefore, even though we moved more than 90 miles away to raise our girls in the country, where they can breath clean air and have a large yard to play and the dogs have room to roam, I still drive back and forth to work every day during the week (translation, drive approximately one hour and forty-five minutes one way).

Our third daughter was born the first week of June. I went back to work the last week of July. And thus the pumping began. As did a milk supply issue o-O

Some personal background: I nursed our first daughter, who is now 15, for 13 months. So, when our second daughter was born two years ago, there was never any doubt about breastfeeding. And things were great…right up until I went back to work. High stress and long hours at work, and there were days I simply forgot to pump because things had gotten so crazy in the office. Long story short, she ended up on a nursing strike around three and half, four months that didn’t stop. So, when our youngest was born I was understandably both leery and adamant that this time pumping would work out for us.

So, I pump three to four times at work. Pumping background: We work in a large, open office (aka, cube city), with five operational offices. Now, the real offices all have large windows. The windows do not have blinds, so stay open all the time – unusable for pumping. We have a conference room, which does NOT have a window…but it also does not have a lock on the door and people are in and out of it all day – so it, too, is unusable for pumping. We have a breakroom, but, again, people are in and out of it all day – unusable for pumping. Thus, I have to pump in the handicap stall in the ladies room – the handicap stall is roomy, we have no handicap employees I would be putting out by using it, but it does not have a plug in the stall. In fact, the only plug in in the bathroom is at the sink. Thus, I run an extension cord to the stall to plug in my pump – I tried using the battery converter, but was going through eight batteries per week and that made my green hackles rise.

So, I have an insulated pouch and store my breast milk in my Medela Pump and Style Advanced bag. I am only getting about an ounce to an ounce and a half per side. At one point, before going back to work, I was getting three to four ounces each side. So, this is my story and my whines as I get everything back up to steam – with the help of the wonderful Veronica from one of my favorite podcasts, Mommy’s Milk and More.