Well, I tried a new thing at work today. After pumping, I tried my hand at manually expressing my milk. Not bad for a first time, I got an extra half ounce 🙂

Of course, I had a minor set back in ramping up my milk production. I sleep when I’m sick…no, I mean I really sleep. Sunday night I was in bed before 8pm and didn’t get back up until almost 4pm the next day. Stayed up three or four hours and was back in bed and didn’t surface again until almost noon. Needless to say, I nursed the baby when she was here (my wonderful husband, who didn’t complain at all about my pitifulness and helplessness and made me soup and rubbed my feet and cuddled me – sorry, getting sickeningly sweet on you there, can you tell I love ‘im? – he took both the little ones to daycare during the day) so she would get antibodies and not catch what I have. But I didn’t pump while she wasn’t here. So I back slid a bit 😦

But not to fear! I am nursing and pumping like a woman….lactating 😮

Oh, and I hear yeast helps boost breast milk… *raises a bottle of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale to Dori and Val from More Hip than Hippie* Love ya, Hipsters! (Where’s the Monkey?@!!!)

Oh, and by the by, I thought I would mention that yes, I am pumping in the lady’s room at work. But there is literally no other place possible (and I thought about this very hard after my second daughter was born two years ago) to put a pumping room. Plus, I am the only female who has given birth in our office *twice* in the five years I have worked there. There are only a few women of childbearing age there, and none of them want any more children. So there will be no special accomendations to ask for from up above for pumping at work. Though I suppose I COULD go out to my car and pump…but that would be even more uncomfortable than pumping in the bathroom at work – not to mention there is an ATF office just two doors down and with my luck one of the police officers who regularly stop by to chat and whatnot would see me and arrest me for breaking some nudity law or something…so you know how far behind that would put me at work??!!! Not to mention, they don’t have a nursing station at the county jail *rolls eyes* So, I just make sure everything is as clean as possible and, as Tim Gunn says, I “make it work”.