Ok, so I had mentioned that the family unit has been passing a summer flu around. Well, hubby missed three days week before last because he was down with it. Then I was out of work last Monday and Tuesday with it. Thursday hubby had to leave work in the morning to pick up the baby because she was running a fever. His boss was not a happy man 😦 So, Friday, when the baby was still running a fever but had no other symptoms, yet couldn’t go to daycare because she was running a fever, I decided to take her to work.

Yup, I said I took her to work with me last Friday!

Remember in a previous post I mentioned that I worked for a great company with great people? I wasn’t joking or being PC (in case someone from work finds the blog and reads it, don’tcha know). I was very, very serious. It’s a global company, top five in it’s field and it can be stressful at times, but my branch is laid back and goes with the flow most of the time. I in the finance department (ok, I am the finance department lol) and wear jeans and tshirts to work most days – khakis and a comfy cotton top when we have visitors planned.

The boss came in and saw me with the baby in her wrap and mentioned something about a new employee and paperwork that hadn’t been submitted. I told him I slipped it under the door and it must have gotten lost. And she was just an intern, so not getting paid lol

She spent most of the day in the Moby Wrap. I still got a lot of work done, so neither of my two bosses had a complaint. (One even stopped by a few times and coo’d at her lol) Some of my coworkers asked if I drugged her, because she was so well behaved (she only had a dose of Tylenol, thank you). Nope, she’s just a really, really good baby 🙂

Plus, I didn’t have to pump!!!! *does a happy dance*

We hid out in the conference room a few times – have I ever mentioned I don’t mind nursing in public?

No one complained, the baby was happy, I could nurse an didn’t have to pump and no one had to miss a day of work. Win, win 🙂