Last Friday, I took the baby to work. This morning, the teenager came with me. But she only stayed about an hour. Today was a teachers workday so she drove up with me so she could see her Mawmaw for the weekend. [Mawmaw is southern country for grandmother lol]

Have you ever tried to get a teenager up at 4am?! Oi Vey! Luckily the promise of Starbucks gets her moving. [Geez, the baby only required the promise of neenee time lol]

So, this weekend it’s only us and the two little ones. Hmmm…time to make a big huge pot of chai tea and make stuff with shellfish!!! [She’s allergic to shellfish, so I don’t get to eat some of my favorite dishes very often.]

Mmmm…steamed oysters, shrimp, new potatoes and corn on the cob in a big bucket!!!! Now that’s some good low country eatin’!!!!

Ok, so I’ve strayed off the topic of the blog a bit…though eating well does mean good milk production 🙂