Ever notice that after a few days off work, you always need a day or two to recover?

This morning, I cuddled too long with the baby and hit the snooze button too often. Translation, no time for shower before running out the door.

I get halfway to work, need to pump, and realized I had left one of my breast shields at home *sigh* Translation, pumping took twice as long all day at work – plus side, I got to do a little reading while I waited. lol

I get halfway home this afternoon, and realize I had left the one and only breast shield I had taken this morning at work. Translation, full boobs all the way home. 😦

*sigh* Good news though, I called the teenager while I was on the road and had her put the lasagna in the freezer in the oven. Only had to wait 30 or so minutes for dinner when I got home *does a happy Italian food dance*.

Ok, maybe this means I need to get a hand pump to keep in the car…..