Hmmmm…I’m not sure about this one. I am very leary about “drugs” to do the job that so many herbal and safe for baby alternatives there are out there available to moms. There have just been too many FDA “oops” stories out there for my comfort level.

Don’t get me wrong, I know there are a lot of women out there who need help with their milk supply – I am one of them – I just don’t think synthetic drugs are the right choice for me without a lot of research or a big big big need behind them – like my use of Zoloft for my postpartum depression (that is a whole other blog post right there, oh boy). I swallow three fenugreek pills three times a day and one Saw Palmetto capsule once a day. My ability to nurse has increased a great deal, though we still need to suppliment with formula. But she is getting the anitbodies she needs and is eating solid foods and healthy and growing and a wonderful baby. I would hate to risk the health of both of us on a drug that may or may not have side effects that are adversive.

Should I done my flame proof suit now? lol