Ah, another snow day in the Pee Dee. I hate snow. It especially sucks because I work 96 miles away….north. So…took a personal day today, because I am too chicken to drive in the stuff. Apparently the white stuff started falling in the wee hours of the morning. When I got up at 4:30am to make coffee and let the dogs out for their potty break there was about an inch on the ground already. It looked like it was done around 9am, so I decided to get the baby ready to take to daycare – hubby took the toddler this morning on his way to work – and test the roads on the way into work. However, I got outside to put the baby in….and it was still bloody snowing!!! So I let my supervisor know I was going to stay home *sigh*

It’s the week where we are closing out the previous month’s finances…it’s a bad thing to be out this week…I’m wondering about my current status with the company. I’ve been out a lot in the last year – last year’s pregnancy was tough and I used up all of my vacation days, etc. *sigh* It’s a good company to work for, but I am paranoid, as we have new management and new rules, etc. I’m in a quandry….

Alas, it’s snowing outside, it’s warm inside. I have a baby to play with, the teenager stayed home from school – they didn’t cancel school, what’s up with that??? So, I’ll make brownies and coffee and relax….well, relax as much as I am ever able to relax lol