Ah, it’s 9:30am and I am on my third cup of mocha latte. The oldest girl was dropped at school and the two babies are at daycare – yeah, yeah, I know, if I’m home they should be here I can hear you type already. I’m listening to the last Twilight book on tape – ermm…they don’t call them books on tape anymore, do they *sigh* I’m so old…I am also doing laundry, need to clean up the kitchen, take a shower, go to the DMV, go to the grocery store, vacuum and sweep and mop. Yeah, I could do all this with the babies here, as well as finishing up some unfinished painting projects, but it’s easier on my own. And I get it all done faster, too lol This weekend, they were both clingy and I was doing good to get food fixed for the family. Now if I could just get the dogs to stop being so clingy. lol

I am also glad to see Sarcastic Mom is getting back into the saddle. I’ve been worried about her. I remember how it felt to be so happy about the little one growing inside you and then go to the doc and see nothing on the ultrasound moving around. It’s rough. It’s also hard on your spouse – though I tried to keep the really bad stuff from him and hold it all in and not “burden” him with my emotions. Yeah, that was dumb of me, I know that now. Hindsight, I think it was harder on him that way than if I’d just fallen completely apart.

It took a while, but with #2 things felt a little better a little at a time – until she was born and I was absolutely positive she was ok. When you’ve lost babies, you tend to be ultra paranoid with your pregnancies from then on out, I think.

And now, here I am. Mom of three beautiful girls. And…. *que brass band* Beginning next month I will be staying home full time with them. Guess the blog will be changing a bit. Any suggestions out there?