It’s 5am. Do you know where your pile of quilts are???

Here in the PeeDee it is in the low 20s…yes, 20s!!! I live too far north *sigh* At least it didn’t snow here yesterday. Actually, it was kind of nice in the afternoon, I got two beds planted – I now have sweet onions, red leaf lettuce, broccoli and cauliflower planted (and covered over with sheets last night — what was I thinking??!!) My herb garden starter seeds are coming along nicely. I will intersperse them into the aforementioned plants in a week or two. Then will be time to work on the BIG GARDEN.

I am planning to get a truckload of compost (our truck bed, $23.00USD) on Thursday and getting the area ready for planting the spring/summer garden – I have pole beans, snow peas, cantelope, watermelon, squash, zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers and a few more. Next weekend is supposed to be in the 70s – hard to believe, snow in the area yesterday and two days later 60s and 70s (no wonder everyone is sick).

So, I go in to the kitchen this morning at 4am – yes, I said 4am, I have to work today and I have to leave by 5am to get to work before 7am (sucks to be me, huh? lol). Hmmm…ok, where was I? Oh, yeah, I went into the kitchen to make coffee and it was COLD out of the covers – not to mention we have an old, not well insulated (yet), drafty house where the front rooms are shut off at night and it gets even colder in there than the back bed rooms.

At this point, I know it’s colder where I work to the north than where I live. So I check. 16F. Ouch! Also on the news site, 60 accidents overnite due to black ice. Ummm….not safe. My post partum over reaction anxiety kicks in and I worry about sliding off the road into a tree on the back roads and no one finds me for hours and my babies are left without a mommy. (yes, I know, over reaction, but that is why I am on medication lol)

So, I email my bosses and let them know I will be late this morning. I am going to wait until I can see the road to leave the house.

The baby is starting to get restless….ok, now she is up and has crawled over to me typing at the end of the bed and wants to cuddle (I usually leave before she wakes up). So I am going to cuddle with the two babies, two dogs and hubby (who has just gotten up to ready for work himself) and enjoy the time I can get.