Friday is my day off – yeah, yeah, don’t hate me lol Yesterday I picked up eight bags of compost (I was planning a whole truck bed, but forgot the tarp to cover up with). They are sitting outside, next to the area for my herb garden. I am planning to use more to set up the veggie garden.

The herbs are presprouted and just about ready for planting. I have the seeds for the veggies – tomatoes, cucumbers, pole beans, sugar snap peas, zucchini, squash, cantelope, watermelon and a few others. I need to get them sprouting. I also need to get around to repotting the rose bush I bought a few weeks ago. And pruning my key lime tree (it stays inside during the cold months).

Lots and lots to do today. It is also grocery day. I need to get the sales ads and print out the new lot of coupons.

Gee, busy day planned, huh? I also need to go BACK to the DMV – if you work for your state’s DMV, I’m sorry, but I am sooo frustrated. This will be the third trip to try to register my car. Every time I go, they tell me I need to get some other kind of paperwork signed and filled out. *sigh*

Guess I’d better chug the last of my coffee, shower, get the bread started and get outside. See ya’ll later!!!