Excuse this interruption of your normal broadcast….

There isn’t much I can say about lactation from the point of view of the father. Tragically, I have some extra weight and a hungry infant has grabbed at me for food a few times. That didn’t go well. But I know something about parenting, having been the full time caregiver for our middle girl for about a year. Only recently however have I started trying out the Moby for doing things while holding the child. My experiences are mixed.

First, let me say, that I’m sure this wasn’t really designed with men in mind. I know they’re marketing to men, but I can market ice to Eskimos – it doesn’t mean they should buy it. That analogy is pretty harsh, but I’ve been frustrated by the sliding of it. Maybe I don’t know what I’m doing. Or maybe I don’t have the hips for it. Or maybe the kid is too big (two years old). I know the documentation says its fine but I can give you list of tragic hubrises (plural of hubris?) given by the writers of IT documentation and I can’t believe they are that unique a species from the marketing driven writers of product literature everywhere else.

Still, it is over all a good product and I’ve been impressed by its strength and over all comfort.