As you all have read, I will soon be staying at home full time. This means we may be able to totally do away with formula. I say maybe. As any mom who has supplimented with formula knows, it is a very slippery slope. The more formula the wee one gets, the less your breasts will produce milk. Yes, pumping helps to keep your supply up more than not pumping. However, it is not totally full-proof.

We learned this with our second daughter. She lost so much weight in the hospital we were forced to suppliment with formula from almost day one. (Lots of medical reasons there, including the whole first day blacked out from the pain meds because of a mishap in the operating room when she was born – and two pints of blood lost, quiet a scare for hubby). We were able to breast feed at home with some success, but shortly after I went back to work, she went on a total nurse-out and didn’t come off strike until shortly after our third daughter was born (she lost the interest pretty quickly, I think she just wanted a little extra attention after the baby was born).

With the baby, I was able to nurse almost exclusively (hubby would make a bottle of formula in the middle of the night if I didn’t have expressed milk so I could get a little sleep) until I went back to work. I started having milk production issues, started an herbal suppliment plan and stepped up my pumping schedule. I also nurse at night and on weekends. However, I am not entirely sure that I can supply all of her needs right away – but we are going to definately try!