It’s shaping up to be a gorgeous day outside. Which is good. This weekend I got most of my veggies in the ground, but I still have a few to plant – plus get my bean trellis going. Then I have bulbs and flowers to get planted.

I have so much going on. I want to play out in the dirt with the two babies. The littlest one fed herself some vanilla granola last night – and was able to get most of it inside of her belly, instead on on it lol

There is so much to do and so much I want to do. I am totally kicking myself for agreeing to stay on at work for one more month. *sigh* Hubby has agreed to the chickens (but I have to get a cost analyst for him before purchasing) but he is still adamant about the no goat thing. That’s ok, I’ll whittle him down in a year or so lol Of course, if I get sheep, instead of goats, then I would have wool for spinning…hmmm…maybe both? *evil grin* Man, it’s a good thing we have land, cause I have big ideas – and I expect things [inside joke with hubby].

Well, hopefully this month will go by quickly. I have to get my research together for homeschooling the teenager. I don’t think it will be doable for the end of this year (as the year is almost over), but we can definitely get started this summer. Next month she is going on a college field trip her grandfather runs every year, so I’m thinking that can be the kick off point for our studies.

I can be way too optimistic sometimes, though. Hubby says I like to start out on the highest level, instead of slow and easy. Full steam ahead, that’s me. Problem is, sometimes I find that I have overwhelmed myself with all my plans and I kind of freeze up because I don’t know where to start. So, I’ve decided to make small goals that will lead to the completion of a large project. Which means I need lists. Oh, boy!