So, it’s almost the weekend. Not that it means much to me, except that hubby will be here to help watch the girls. However, it has special meaning today, because Tuesday we are leaving for a trip to Athens, GA for four days….alone. Yup, inlaws are taking all three girls for four days! Hubby is going to a conference and I am going with!

On the one hand, I am so excited. Four days, no dirty nappies, no whinning, no running noses, no complaining from the teenager (ok, so maybe she will text a whine and a complaint, but I can deal). We will get a bed all to ourselves. I can shower EVERY DAY!!!

On the other hand, I will soooo miss them all so badly. We went to Greenville, SC last year for a few days and I thought my heart would break from missing them. This is four days.

On the other, other hand, though, I so need a vacation.

So, we’ll see how it goes. Maybe I’ll even post from a pub 😀