Our teenaged daughter was diagnosed with ADHD when she was in elementary school. She went on meds and, oh boy, the difference in behavior was night and day. Unfortunately, they also made her self-esteem plummet, because she was now officially “different”. Her performance in school improved slightly, but was never spectacular. She would “forget” to do homework assignments, or would do them and forget to take them to school to turn them in to the teacher. (This is a valid thing for kids with ADD/ADHD.)

We have tried several summer vacations from meds over the years, hoping her symptoms would lessen in severity and she could go off them entirely. Last summer, we decided they had. Now, I am wondering if that was a good choice.

I recently was able to quit my job as an accountant and stay home with our three girls. I also took this opportunity to pull the teenager out of public school and begin homeschooling her. And, boy, is it frustrating. She has the ability to hyper focus on things that catch her interest. But, if it is something that she isn’t “getting” immediately, she drags her feet and fussies about it the whole time.

Let me add here, I am also ADD. I was diagnosed shortly after she was, and was on meds for a few years for the disorder. So we have a double whammy of her forgetting things and me forgetting she was supposed to do something *sigh*. We have recently implemented a strick time schedule for things (my wonderful hubby knows we need structure, so developed one). But so far, we have a full implementation fail on my part. Which leads me to wonder if I need to go back on meds, as well.

I admit, I am in a quandry over the meds thing. I don’t like them. I don’t want us taking meds we really don’t need. The question, is it needed for either of us, is something I am grappling with myself about. If she needed glasses, I would buy them for her. If she really needs these meds, I will take her to the doc and get a precription for them again.

Question: How do you know when they are really needed, and when would it just be nice to have a calm child in the house? How do I know if it is for her, or for my sanity? Can she function fully without them….can I?