Some around here joke that mosquitoes are the SC state bird – because they are so bloody big! But what they don’t tell you about is how bloody many of them there are. I put insect spray on the baby to take her outside, because the ‘skeeters love her. And she still comes back inside with at least a half dozen bites on her.

However, I think they must be much, much worse around where we live. My reason? Our HVAC went out on us last month. When the repairman came out he made a mention of how bad the ‘skeeters were. This is a guy who spends most of his time outside in rural SC, and he remarks that our yard is bad *sigh* So true it must be. (Oh, yeah, I went to the geek side there.)

We have a bat house, which we purchased from Greenfeet, but so far no bats. Rogan even looked to see if he could buy some to put in there, so they can call to their bat buddies and get a population going. No dice. They are regulated by the CDC and cannot be purchased.

Luckily, the new issue of Mother Earth News says chickens are also great for pest control. Our batch are arriving next week (we previously had purchased six in April when we went in with other couples on a batch of day old chicks, but unfortunately we lost all of them – some to unknowns when they were healthy and some to attack after they had been released into the coop). We are hoping there is safety in numbers this time – we ordered 27 day old chicks and a few juveniles. Keep your fingers crossed for us. Not only for the mosquito control, but for the @##$$%s that are eating my garden!!!!