Tomorrow we take the teenager to Charlotte to my in law’s house. She leaves Wednesday morning with them, on a trip to Spain and France. She will be gone for two weeks. I have never been away from her for that long before. I believe four days is the longest I have been away from her. I am having overprotective mommy angst. Which, I know, is silly. She will be 16 next month. She is old enough to go and behave with her grandparents and have a good time without me worrying about her. My inlaws will take good care of her, I know this. But, she is and always will be my baby. And, as I have said lots of time, I am terribly overly protective in the mothering department. I will probably worry about her until the day I die. That is just how I am put together.

We bought her extra SD cards for her camera. So ya’ll can expect some pics to be posted of her trip. If anyone out there is in Spain or France and can recommend places where tourists don’t normally know about, please let me know so I can pass it on. My father-in-law has lived in Spain, so knows a lot of places, but I’m sure there is plenty there to do and see that is new in the last twenty years or so.

Of course, I will go through her backpack in the morning – it is the only luggage she is taking, to make it easier to move around – to make sure she is taking what she needs, and not taking what she can’t get through the airport.

Ok, the two little ones are giving daddy a hard time, so enough with my little violin. I will keep ya’ll abreast of her trip, as we receive updates.