Well, we got the teenager off on her trip to Spain/France with her grandparents without me having a total meltdown. The trip there and back with the two little ones almost pushed me over the edge, though lol I am of the firm belief you must be nearly certifiable to travel with two wee ones under the age of three years. Rogan survived by the buds of his IPod while driving there and back. I survived by…ummm…not sure how I survived, actually.

I’m anxious – yeah, what’s new, huh? – that she is gone for two weeks. I am happy for her to have the opportunity to travel, I haven’t been out of the USA (unless you count a wee corner of Canada while going through Yellowstone National Park). This will be my father-in-law’s 25th, or so, trip to Spain. So she’ll get to see some really cool things most people don’t know about and aren’t touristy – like really good restaurants only locals eat at (he used to live there, as well).

She took her journal, so she can keep memories of things that will fade. We bought her two extra SD cards, so she can take plenty of pictures of her travels (hopefully, she will come home with more than just pictures of boy’s butts lol). We did not let her take her cell phone (image the roaming charges for THAT trip) or her computer (there are internet cafes everywhere nowadays and hotel wifi usually sucks anyhow).

Our hope is that she will take this opportunity to think about where she wants her life to head in the future. That she will see how other people live and gain a new appreciation of the world around her. I miss her terribly already. But I want this for her. I want her to learn who she wants to be in life.

Maybe I’m expecting too much from this trip for her. Maybe not enough. I dunno. I think most of the time I am too sheltering of her, too overly protective. I know I need to learn to let go of her, let her become her own person. She’ll be 16 next month. Only a few more years left to be a “kid”. But she needs to grow up and I need to let her grow up. I just don’t think I know how to let go. Attachment parenting support group for soon to be grown kids support group needed? Probably.