Today is the day to get on our soap boxes and scream – well, maybe talk quietly at a higher pitch than normal – about our pet peeves.

Mine? Well, when I was working it was going through invoices to be paid and finding the files they belonged to had not been properly job costed. Kicking the invoice back to the file owner, who then had three days to correct the file and approve the invoice. Ten days later, “oh, do you need that right away?” Yeah, ummm…take your time ^^^^sarcasm^^^^.

Nowadays, it’s all about me. My husband always tells me that I tend to jump into the deep end of the pool on new projects, instead of starting small and learning and then expanding. Yeah, he’s right, of course. Last year, it was being pregnant and almost ready to give birth…and deciding I wanted a big garden, too. Yeah, recovering from a third csection while taking care of a teenager, a then 1 year old AND a newborn. I was sure I would have time to go out into the garden while the baby slept – forgot about those marathon nursing sessions newborns have, yeah, uhuh.

This year, I’m now a stay at home mom, I started with a big veggie garden, an herb garden, flower beds, fruit trees and chickens. Yeah, another Mel Fail moment lol The veggie garden, well, the black lab ate all the plants before they produced fruit – with exception of the tomato plants in cages and the beans, which the pests got before him. Yeah, that’s right, the PLANTS. *sigh* Should have named him Einstein. Herb garden got mixed results, mostly though, it just didn’t grow. Flower beds are now overgrown with weeds. that is a mixed bag. Two adult hens are now producing eggs. The twenty eight babies are doing well.

Biggest problem of this year? Time management. Yeah, mosquittoes love the baby, so she can’t stay outside long. The toddler loves to roam, so I have to keep a good eye on her so she doesn’t run out into the road and the crazy drivers that occassionally come through here run her over. With the baby walking…ermm…running, climbing, jumping, etc…I am so scared they will go in two different directions I don’t even like to take them outside when I’m alone. (Have I mentioned I’m a paranoid, overprotective mommy?) Thus, not a lot of time to spend outside on my projects *sigh* Poor hubby has been having to take a majority of them on himself – I’m sure he is thrilled about this.

Maybe I’ve attached them too well, with my attachment parenting style. They pile on top of me for nap time, so when they are down so am I. So no nap time cleaning and what not for me. Baby is going through that phase of being scared when she can’t see me, and will follow me everywhere, hanging onto my leg and whiney to be picked up. (I may have to bring out the Moby again for her.)

Guess, I could sum up my pet peeve as being mad at myself for not getting enough done around the house. Hubby tells me I expect too much from myself. Maybe he’s right. But it’s still disheartening to want to get this or that done before he gets home and it still be piled up when he walks in the door. *sigh* June Cleaver I am not. Suzy Homemaker would be so disappointed.

So, what are your biggest pet peeves?