I may have mentioned on Twitter the fact my husband left his HP netbook at home and I grabbed it and started using it. ****This is not a Product Advertisement, this was not paid for by HP, I did not receive a free HP netbook for this review – so take that anti-mommy blog review naysayers*********

Over all, I must say I love the design aka keyboard layout. Most of the keys are where my old I-learned-to-type-on-a-manual-IBM-typewriter fingers want them to be located. I love the compact design, it is very easy to haul around from room to room, or use in a bed full of sleeping babies. The sound of the keyboard is nice, too. (Is that a weird thing to notice?)

Drawbacks: I do not like the power on placement. You have to slide the little tab, and, if you have big fingers like my husband, or have any kind of nails on your fingers, this is a very difficult slide to manage. And, I had to figure out on my own that you have to hold the little bugger back for a while and let it power on before your release the slide button. This was a bit of a pain in the arse and almost made me put the netbook aside before even getting to take it around the block for a test drive. Also, the mouse tabs are on the side of the pad, instead of under it, as is usual on laptops. This is very irksome, if you are doing something quickly, on auto mode, and not paying attention before you do the wrong thing on the pad, like close out a window you didn’t want to close out so soon.

Things I would like to see on future netbook upgrades: Backlit keyboard, spaces where there should be between function keys, glareproof screens.

So, I guess for guys with big fingers, this would be a difficult product for you to use. Hubby has it for work, because the boss wanted him to be able to have access to his IT stuff for meetings for other people to share – and libraries are hurting and can’t afford Blackberrys for all operational staff.

My overall thoughts on this product: Would I spend MY money for this netbook? No. Would I take one if someone else bought it and gifted it to me (ala, hubby and work)? Yes, cause I’m just a tech geek that way lol

That said, it’s not a bad product. I would just take me a really long time to get used to the quirks (many of which I did not list in this post), and the @#$% slide power on thingiemabob. And, since the netbook belongs to work, I didn’t have that time available.

So, take this review with a grain of salt for what it is. Just some dumb blonde, stayathome mom’s opinion. Cause mommy bloggers are like a block of 80% cacao chocolate. We’re strong and not everyone likes us.