Hey, ya’ll. I know, I know. I promised to update more frequently. I suck. So, now you are going to get a totally whiney post. See, that’s what you get for complaining :p

So, what’s been going on? Well, there is something wrong with our hot water heater. It’s only about four years old, but it’s not putting out hot water. Hubby had to gerry-rig the temp gauge for a temp solution – twice. So, we are assuming it’s the temp gauge. But, you just never know until you do that and something else is wrong with it *sigh* Yeah, we’re DIYers. One income, three kids, lots of animals…budget is very tight.

We are also just waiting for our HVAC unit to go out on us. We had the repairman out twice this summer – yeah, we know diddly about HVAC, so leave that to the professionals. Apparently, the unit is about twelve years old, or older, and the motor is just waiting for a good time to go out – a good time for the unit, that is.

Also, all of our windows are original to the home. And most have hairline cracks running through the panes. So, we’re really thinking the big picture window in the livingroom will probably be the first to totally break. *sigh*

Ok, so, that said, again, we are one income here. I stay home, as those who read the blog headings know. I homeschool. I hate the idea of putting the little ones back in daycare – Rogan is also totally against it – so we are trying to find some alternatives out there to provide a little extra income. (After all, only six more paychecks till the holidays.)

An aquaintence on Twitter, Lexi, recommended Mommy Masterminds to me today, when I DM’d her to ask what she thought, since I know she is the freelancing guru.

What do ya’ll think? Any recommendations? I cook/bake, sew, write (duh lol), I am a level 3 certified Excel user. SAP user. Supply Chain/Freight Forwarding experience in accounting for an international company. Handled HR and some benefits at previous employment. I hate the phone, though. Almost a phobia level hatred for me. So, no telemarketing for me.

So, this has been my week. I’ve been trying to brainstorm what I can do from home. Trying to find WAHM business options which are not a complete rip-off.