So, I have a game plan. Need to set up a professional website for my freelancing. Planning a webinar today. And OMG research and development. *stomps foot* I will make this work.

On a positive note, I have been doing a lot of cooking and baking. Friend has a huge sack of sweet potatoes he is giving us, so I can do some canning. Tomorrow, I’m planning on making a big batch of salsa to put up – if I don’t eat it all before it gets put into jars and given a hot water bath lol

Yesterday, I made scones and two loaves of bread. All the scones are gone and only most of one loaf is left of the bread. I love cooking and canning.

Local farm is having maize wagon rides through their corn fields. I think that sounds marvelously fun. Don’t know if we’ll have time to do this weekend or not, though. Teen is wanting to go with some friends to Myrtle Beach Friday to see a band at The House of Blues she likes tomorrow. They are staying the night with the friends’ relatives who have a home there. I found someone on freecycle who had windows replaced and were offering the old ones. Perfect for a green house. I get to pick them up today or tomorrow. Just need to get Rogan to leave the truck and take my car to work. Saturday is my niece’s birthday party. I asked her today what she wanted for her birthday and she said she didn’t know. But she’s adamant she doesn’t want the goldfish I suggested lol However, she didn’t turn down the offer of one of our chickens when Rogan offered (my sister in law would probably have a fit if we actually did this, though). Plus, I don’t think she can have them in the city limits here, anyway. So, I have two days to figure out what to get her.

So, when ya’ll are sitting back this weekend, with your feet up and sipping lemonaid, please spare a thought for us and our hectic schedules.