Well, our internet was down all day yesterday. You would think I would have been oh, so productive, without internet to procrastinate with all day, but nope. I did get some work done on my novel in One Note – I keep character notes and research there, as well as a draft of what I am working on. But didn’t get much actual writing done. I also missed my webinar on freelancing, but am hoping it will be available for download later today.

On the plus side, I did call the guy with the windows yesterday afternoon. Rogan is getting off work early today and we are going to go pick them up. This means I need to do research on greenhouse designs. I’m excited about being able to set this up. I love freecycle!

I’m also working on getting a blog designed for my freelancing business. It will have to sub as a webpage for the time being. So, I’m studying wordpress designs and what not. Maybe I’ll be able to do some design consulting by the time I’m done with my own blog design. Maybe even some SEO work.