Well, last week the 3 year old woke up screaming from her afternoon nap that her leg hurt. Sure enough, the top of the foot at the ankle was red and swollen. She refused to put any weight on it whatsoever. So we put some benedryl spray on it (thinking it might be a bug bite). Friday, still no better.

We put ointment on the top of the foot and wrapped it and the ankle up with a bandage wrap. Come Saturday, at her cousin’s birthday party WITH a bouncy tent, she still wouldn’t put weight on the foot. My inlaws were very concerned at this point. They called my husband later and offered to take her to the doctor for us.

See, I come from the school of, if it’s not a life-threatening emergency, we wait a day or so and see what happens. If no better, THEN we go to doc. Hubby said, growing up, his sister was rushed right away to ER if something happened to her. Guess it is just a difference of our two cultures. (Though, hubby usually agrees with my wait-and-see philosophy, and did this time, too.)

So, Monday we broke down and called and made appointment with doctor’s office. She still wasn’t walking on the foot, though she was starting to crawl around. Which led to her regressing gleefully to wanting bottles and nappies. *sigh* She is an attention seeker.

Tuesday, we went to see the doctor. (I didn’t think it was necessary, but knew it would make family happy.) Foot was still a bit swollen and red, but she was crawling around quiet enthusiastically by now. Doctor didn’t like that she still wouldn’t put weight on it, and that she couldn’t move her foot in all directions. So, we were sent across the street to the hospital for xrays of her foot. Five hours and $100 in co-pays later, it’s just a twisted ankle that is healing slowly.

Update: Today, a week later, teen actually got her to walk on her own. I gave her a sucker for a reward. That girl’s a heavy thing to lug around on my hip lol