Thought I would let everyone know about how our chickens have been doing lately. What’s that? Oh, ok. Sooooo…I thought I would let everyone who CARES know about how the chickens have been doing. *sigh*

Our current chicken count is at seventeen chickens. Different types, but all are brown egg layers – cause, brown eggs rock :p My mother-in-law recently took two of the chickies home with her (much to my FIL’s chagrin, I am sure) and has been saying she may take another one or two because she thinks they are lonely. I’m ok with that. When they all start laying eggs, it will be a bit overwhelming lol My mother has also made mention she wants about four of them. See, I’m a trendsetter, I am.

Ginger and Uhura, our original two, are doing great. They lay about one to two eggs per day for us. Uhura will sit down when she sees us coming, so we can pet her or pick her and put her back in the coop. She’s quiet the Hoodini, she is. Ginger still isn’t sure what to make of us, but she will let us pick her up and pet her. She kind of reminds me of a cat, in that regard.

Then we have Warhall, Andrea Warhall. She is our crested chickie, the rare breed the hatchery, threw in for free when we ordered twenty-five day old baby chicks in June of this year. We named her so, because of her feathery tophat. She’s so cute!

We also have a Japanese chicken we named Turkey. For some reason, she has no feathers around her neck, which reminded me of turkeys, thus the name. Can’t wait till she gets her tail feathers, which will fan out so beautifully.

Well, these are the four we have named. The others all kind of look alike, except for the two white ones, so we haven’t named them yet. We’re waiting for personality to show, or not. The majority may just go un-named. Or, they will all fall under my husband’s ever loving nickname, “The Whores”. Yeah, we’re Fire Fly fans lol

The other day, when I went egg hunting, we found ten eggs. Since my two oldest girls couldn’t possibly be responsible for laying that many eggs on their own, I am going to assume some of the other girls have hit maturity and are now laying, too. Yay! This is good, since my family eats at least two eggs each, when I fix them for breakfast. In case it’s too early to count, that’s ten eggs at a time folks. Organic eggs at nearly four dollars, US, per dozen adds up fast. Now, we won’t have to worry about it and can eat them till our hearts are content – or at least until we are sick to death of eating eggs all the time lol