Dear FTC,

Just so you know, the chickens I blog about were all purchased at with my own money. No one has paid me to blog about or purchase chickens for my backyard.

Most of my garden plants were purchased by myself or my husband at our local Walmart. They are not paying me to blog about what a sucky gardener I am. Nor is the local humane society paying me to blog about my black lab eating said garden. (And we purchased the black lab, it was not a gift) Our other two dogs are also purchased with our own monies from dog pound and humane societies, as well. No one pays us to take about what great dogs any of the three can be.

Our cats were freebies, however. One came from a coworkers’ daughter in law and the other from someone on our local freecycle list. Neither were given with any expectation of favors from my blog.

Our fruit trees were either purchased at the local flower show or at Lowe’s. All were bought with our own monies and no one asked us to blog about how awesome a job my husband is doing keeping them healthy and growing.

All of my children are my own, they are not from rent-a-child-for-blogging-purposes-only. They are bought and paid for…I think we finished paying all those bills, but who knows with insurance companies. Oh, and no insurance company paid me to say that, either.

My Twitter account is my own, as well. No company has paid me to Tweet about my boring activities all day long. And, really, who would pay me to Tweet about my kids arguing? Besides, maybe, Dr Phil. Oh, and he didn’t pay me to write that, either.

Really now, FTC. Bless your hearts. Are you trying to kill the blogosphere, making us all put these stupid disclaimers in our writing? After all, no has paid me to blog about you, nor to make fun of you. Bloggers are not Ma Bell, we do not need to be broken apart into little separate companies with customer service that totally sucks and then end up being bought out and being only a handful of companies who can charge outrageous prices for their phone plans. Oh, and no cell phone service providers, nor Ma Bell, paid me to write that, either. No bloggers have bribed me with booze and chocolate to write this post, either.

So, why don’t ya’ll come on down here and I will feed you up nice and plump. Then you will all be in a better mood and can take a step back about the bloggers-for-hire. Because, really, everyone knows who they are. We aren’t stupid. When every other post is about a product, or they spout on about one product in their blog, more than likely they have been paid for their posts – or they own the company and are pitching the products. Either way, we are smart enough to decide for ourselves if we are going to purchase the product.

Really, now. Let’s just slow down and use some common sense. Yes, bloggers love the wing-man endorsements because it makes it easier to choose items to buy. But we are also smart enough to know when someone has been paid off. And, personally, I like the blogs who debunk a product rather than sing it’s virtues.

I have to go now, because my kids’ screams may crack a few windows if I don’t separate them. Oh, and no window company is endorsing this paragraph – though I am willing to take a payment, if anyone is interested 🙂 (FTC, just ignore that, don’t worry, no one reads this blog who has clout with a window company who will be willing come and replace our forty year old windows.)

Love, me