Hey, who knew, Columbus Day finally fell on the same day as Columbus Day Observed. Who’da thunk it would happen. Still not a nationally recognized holiday. Why does a country to observes the day a President was born as a national holiday not recognize the day of a person who DISCOVERED their country is beyond me. But, then, I don’t understand a lot of things about the USA. *shakes head befuddles*

Well, in other news, today is the 17ths anniversary of my 21st birthday. Yeah, but I still won’t admit I am anything but 3, so don’t even ask :p I came to the realization this last week that I am in pretty bad shape here. Not enough to put myself out there for something like mamavation or anything, but I will admit here and now I weigh more than I ever did when I was pregnant with any my three girls. It’s really really sad. Most of the closet full of cloths I own do not fit me anylonger.

So, my momma came to visit me for my birthday on Saturday. So, since she gave me the money, I will give her the credit of paying for my birthday gift. I purchased Jillian Michaels’ starter pack of weight loss suppliments. It’s supposed to get all the chemicals in your body working together, so you can lose weight. Don’t worry, I will keep you all informed if it works or not. If not, it has a money back guarantee and I will go out and buy a few moomoos.