Ever have one of those days? You know, the ones where you are staring the weekend in the eyes, and you blink first? Yeah, me neither *whistles and looks at the ceiling*

I started a to do list this week. I was able to mark off a few things on it, but not nearly enough. I’m talking projects here, people! We have a host of unfinished projects in our home. Why are there so many unfinished projects you ask? Well, let’s just say there are really really short people involved. Yeah, the wee ones get jealous when Rogan and I snuggle, but they get REALLY jealous when we “snuggle” with the house.

Want to send a 3 year old into a temper tantrum that lasts hours? Try painting the living room. First coat is on the walls and still needs second coat, but only about 2/3 of the trim is finished – from four months ago!

Carpet is up in teen’s room (MIL did this while we were out of town on a trip in June) and in the hallway. The library has a square patch of carpet taken up in front of the door more than a month ago, the rest is still there, as is all of the carpet in the living room.

The kitchen? Oh, that’s another long ago project. We pulled up the carpet last winter, there is still a far left corner in which we have not finished tiling. *sigh* And my inlaws are talking about giving us some leftover wood flooring from their home project to redo the kitchen floor. Yeah, I feel like an idiot looking at that corner while my mother in law is talking excitedly about giving this to us. Also, the new kitchen facet we bought is still sitting in it’s box mocking me to get to the installing. And only half the trim on the cabinets are finished, and only one or two doors painted.

I know, I know. It’s all in my head. I shouldn’t let little things like this worm into my head and get me all crazy. But, hey, it’s my head and I’ll let worms in if I want to!!! (That may have come out totally wrong, so just delete that last statement from the record, please and thank you.)

We picked up some exercise equipment from a gentleman on freecycle this week. So we are working on getting the space on our porch cleaned up, where we will put in a loveseat we are not using and a table. We have been talking about coverting the space into a open living area for a while, so the girls can still play outside when the weather is bad. We’ve even kicked around enclosing the space from the elements.

There is also the fencing of the yard, the raised garden beds, a larger enclosed chicen coop for wintering the chickies and the greenhouse. We also want to enlarge the patio we installed when we first moved here almost three years ago. I also have materials to put up two new clotheslines in the yard. I could go on and on, but you get the picture.

So now we have a kabillion jillion potential projects in the planning stage, on top of things we have planned, begun and not finished in the house.

What is a mommy to do about all of these unfinished projects? I’m glad you asked. She makes a to do list. Yeah, a list baby. A list she has done millions of times for weekend work. Yeah, a million times it hasn’t seen the light of completion. I am starting to see a pattern emerging, are you?