It is 2010 and it is time to make those resolutions. For me, it is to try to live more frugally. I know, I can some, bake some, cook a lot and have chickens for the eggs, but there is sooo much more I know I am capable of doing to save our family money. We are a family of five and living cheaply is a requirement.

That said, I have done much better than when I first stopped working and stayed at home full time. Especially when it comes to the grocery bills. I do not use coupons, just so you know (so many moms say they save a ton of money using them, but the main coupons I see are for processed foods I don’t buy). We do go through a TON of milk (two babies under three), which we have been batting around getting a dairy animal of some kind to ease the burden of milk being over three dollars a gallon around here.

I also want to be able to eat more locally. For some out there, this may not be well and truly possible. But, we live in the middle of a great farming community. And we have a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) for dairy, veggies, herbs, yarn and meats. I am thinking of taking a trip out to their farm this month and get a tour. Maybe I can barter some items (their chickens, for example are molting so not producing a lot of eggs, while mine are producing tons; or baked goods). Eggs for raw milk? Sounds wonderful, if they will work with me. Maybe I could work their store a few hours a week lol

I also purchased a new bread machine, on sale at Walmart. So no more buying bread for us. I will use it mainly to prep bread batches, which take so long sitting on the counter, but is rapido in the bread machine.

This week’s plan is to also dust off my sewing table and machine and get started on projects which have sat by the side of the road for too long.

What ideas do ya’ll have floating around for money savings?

Disclosure: This post written expressly with winning a Blissdom ticket in mind from Inexpensively. (I also thought it was a great topic for my blog lol)