Ok, who told old man winter it was ok to visit these parts?! It has been getting down into the teens in the night. Neither I nor the chickens have been amused. Where is global warming when you really want it?

So, I have been running the heat lamp out in the chicken coop for the whole day for about two weeks now. The chickens have been coming up to the door fussing at me. Yes, you can tell when they are fussing in general and when they are fussing at you. lol

I am trying to gear up for the next phase of homeschooling – 11th grade. Yes, be afraid. Well, ok, I am afraid lol I am trying to get everything together from 10th grade so I can submit her final grades and purchase the new books. Luckily they will buy back the old books, so we will have a bit of buffer there on the purchasing. I am not sure how many books I will purchase, though. SC homeschooling does not require you have a book, just that you can provide proof the child has done the work; ie, we do foreign language via Rosetta Stone. The books I did purchase this summer for 10th grade went largely unused. Most had a Christian theme which I felt left out a lot of information, especially Physical Science. I have nothing against Christian themed textbooks, don’t get me wrong, they are just not for our family. My husband is a lapsed Catholic with leanings toward apathy of religion more than anything else, I was raised pretty much Southern Baptist and am now Buddhist; we are raising our children to decide for themselves which religion they will decide upon, if any (the teen has really shown no interest in anything so far).

The three year old started gymnastics class last night, it was her Christmas gift from my father and mother in law in response to our request of no toys for the girls. She will be going once a week for 45 minutes. It was a bit of a struggle for her last night, mainly due to her not have much in the way of concentration skills. I think it took three times longer than usual for her to do her stretches at beginning of class. She kept wanting to get up and play on the trampoline. But the girl in charge of her was very patient and the class went ok. There was another little girl with her, but she had a separate girl showing her the ropes. There were also a gaggle of preteen girls there doing their own practice, which didn’t help as she kept wanting to watch them do their runs and flips. I am told this is normal in the beginning. Time will tell.

The baby is now 19 months old. She will be two in June. Time has been flying by, as it always seems to do with babies. She has begun to fuss when her nappy is even slightly wet, sometimes she even takes it off and throws it at you. I have a feeling potty training is not far behind. She will take the nappy off and pee in the floor if you aren’t careful, so I may clean out the little training potty and set it up in the office for her.

The office. I will probably be spending a lot of time in the office in the future. I have a phone interview on Monday for a virtual assistant job that will take up 10-20 hours per week. I have been cleaning and organizing my part of the desk, making sure anything I might need will be at hand. I have also set up some things for the kids to play with, hoping it will keep them occupied. We’ll see how well that works out (as I write this post I have had to stop three times to deal with messes and problems they have), if it doesn’t then the teenager will be watching them while I get work done and I will give her some spending money for doing so.

So, this about catches everyone up on what is going on with me and the girls. Hubby doesn’t really have anything new going on, just working everyday. The library will have new branches opening soon and have recently converted over their operating system, so he has been a busy busy boy recently.

Ok, enough about me. How is everyone else in the world getting by? Anything new to share? Rants you can’t post on your own blog, for various reasons? Use me, baby, use me 😉