Welcome to another cold Monday morning in the south. Brrrr. 10:30am and it’s only 32F outside. The chickens keep jumping up on the window sills and pecking at the windows to be let in – as if hubby would actually approve of me letting them in the house. Yes, you know me, I would totally let them in if he hadn’t specifically mentioned this summer the rule of no chickens in the house lol

Father in law wants to start taking the 3yo to the Y once a week or so and teach her to swim. I’m perfectly ok with this. We don’t have a Y membership any longer, we canceled our membership in a cost savings cut since we rarely actually went (their childcare availablity was not within a schedule we found useful) and I can’t swim well myself. So, that will make another safe member on the water out of our family (teenager learned years ago from family who watched her after school in elementary school and hubby learned when he was a kid).