Time to play catchup with the Hamby Family.

Rowan started gymnastics class this month. Oh, boy, has that been an adventure – for me and for the instructor lol As some may know, this rambunctious three year is easily sidetracked by the shiney. Not to mention how she also loves to push to see how far she can get away with something. So, Thursday evenings have turned into a mixture of look around at all the bigger kids doing jumping cartwheels and rolling around on the mat not paying attention, to following instruction, back to the shiney, then becoming a rag doll who does not want to do anything at all. Well, unless she passes by the kiddie trampoline – oh, then it’s hard to get her to leave it, once she sneaks into it.

She is also almost completely potty trained now. Only the occasional accidents in the middle of the night when we forget to cut off her liquids on time. (Hey, it’s daddy’s side of the bed, so I don’t push putting a nappy on her at night lol) However, she also uses “I haffta go potty” way too much. I think she uses it as a “get out of jail free card” and hubby REALLY thinks she is using it that way, but I don’t want to deny her potty privileges and end up with a back slide back into using nappies again.

River is pushing into the beginning of terrible two behavior. Some of it is cute – for right now, will not be in a month or so. She fusses at you, with finger wagging, when she is told no and is very vocal about it, even though I can’t figure out what the heck she is saying most of the time. Yes, she is very vocal, and her pronunciation is getting better, but I just can’t make out a majority of what she is saying yet. I worry, just a tiney bit actually since Rowan wasn’t even all that vocal at this age, since she will be two in June, but I know kids get there eventually.

She loves grabbing big people books. She will sit and very carefully flip through them. It’s almost as if she can actually read them, the way she does it sometimes. It’s is so stinking cute!

Rhiannon is still a teenager, though her maturity level seems to be increasing. (This is a big deal since ADHD children are usually about three to four years behind in maturity level.) She has been helping out a lot in the last few weeks. Doing chores without being asked. Sometimes even doing them after only being asked once! 😉 I am still getting all the paperwork together so I can turn in her final grades for 10th grade to the homeschool association and we can begin 11th grade. It has taken us a long time to do 10th grade because of everything Rogan and I ran into that we considered basics which she did not know at all. Hamlet was a chore to get through, let me tell you. I’m not even going to go into The Wife of Bath *sigh*

Just goes to show, the literature you loved at their age isn’t always their cup of tea. But we are determined she will learn the classics, even if it kills all three of us lol How can you possibly have two writers as parents (not to mention voracious readers), and not be well-read?!

Rogan is still a busy bee at work. Last month they converted to a new operating system, he is working still with the State Library to get bugs ironed out and make sure everything runs smoothly as possible; they also opened a new branch. This month, in addition to ironing out kinks in the system, they are working on opening two more branches this quarter. He is also a guest speaker at a conference in Michigan in April. It will be the first time since we were married that we will sleep apart. But it’s a big, big deal. I am very proud of him.

Me? Last week at the Good Living Marketplace I did a speedy outreach for Red Cross donations to Haiti. We only raised $5.38 😦 But this was done in only two days and had no advertising within the community. I am working this month with Nancy, the lady who coordinates the Marketplace, on what we will do for next month, February 6th. Instead of putting canisters on individual booths and leave it up to people to notice them, we will have a dedicated table and will have donated items from local businesses to sale to the public. All proceeds will go to the Red Cross’s Haiti efforts. Haiti will be a long term clean up. They will need help for months to come, not just help the first few weeks. Doctors Without Borders is still operating out in the open without pain medication for their patients. They are losing babies who come to them with simple asthma complications because they do not have the medicine to give them to save their lives. Red Cross is having trouble getting planes into the country because the airport is so small and only so many planes can land. The sea port the Coast Guard has opened is not stable due to the earthquake and all the aftershocks. One boat at a time and one truck at a time, since the road is only big enough for one and the pier is iffy for more than one truck’s weight.

Also, I started a new job yesterday. I am very excited about this opportunity. I kind of just fell into the job, since the owner of the business is in my Twitter feed and asked for help finding a virtual assistant. Hey, I can do that no problem. So I told her I was interested and got the job after going through the process with other applicants. It is only part time, Rhiannon is watching the girls while I work, so it is an ideal at this time in our lives. A little extra money, no day care, still homeschool and homestead and take care of house and family at the same time. We are still in the trial period, but I am hoping we will get along just fine and find the situation to be mutually beneficial. (Cross your fingers for me, out there.)

I am also 3/4 completed only my first novel. *does a snoopy dance* I am hoping in a few months I will be ready to start the query process to find an agent. But I’m not going to push it until I am sure the novel is ready to go out into the ether – the agents, they scare me lol

So….now you are mostly caught up on our lives up until this point in the day. Oh, yeah, the chickens are doing fine, too lol But…um….anyone want a rooster??!!