Valentine’s Day is coming up quick. What are you going to get your honey? Flowers die, novelty stuffed animals will eventually take up space in the land fill and those boxed chocolates? They are full of chemicals and preservatives. Want something your snuggle bear is sure to love? Does she love coffee? Does she really love good chocolates? Is a “greenie” who will call you on what you get her?

I have the solution. And, it’s a good solution. Why? Because one thing I love slightly more than chocolate is….coffee! Those who know me even slightly know I am a coffee addict. When Annie at Mambo Sprouts approached me about a coffee and chocolate pairing opportunity from Equal Exchange, I jumped at the chance. ‘Cause…um…chocolate….and….coffee!!! Not only that, but it is all organic and fair trade certified!

Anyone who knows our family well knows we try to eat organic or local as much as possible. Organic is just so much better for your body. We stay away almost completely from processed foods – well, Doritos sometimes cross our lips, I am ashamed to say.

When my package arrived, I was SO excited. I almost didn’t even wait to break into the coffee before it was photographed. I managed to wait, but barely.

I received two pairings: The Milk Chocolate with a hint of hazelnut (38% Cacoa) to pair with Mind Body and Soul, a medium and Vienna roast, and Extra Dark Chocolate Panama (80% cacao) to pair with Love Buzz, a french and full city roast.

I have only tried the milk chocolate pairing so far, but I am completely in love with this stuff! The difference between really, really good coffee and the stuff you get in the grocery store is like day and night. Yes, I am a coffee snob (though I will drink the stuff from the store, because its…you know…coffee lol). Hey, I have three kids, work part time, do volunteer stuff in the community, homeschool, raise chickens, have dogs, cats and parrots to care for and am currently in planning stages of my spring/summer garden. I LIVE on caffeine.

So, let’s recap, shall we? If I say a coffee is good, you can pretty much take it to the bank. If I say a chocolate is awesomeness? Yeah, that is subjective, but I know good chocolate, too. This? This ranks up there with Dagoba in my books. It’s that good. (I’m not More Hip than Hippie, but you can trust my taste lol)

I was slightly disappointed in the packaging, and maybe we can get them to work on this. The chocolate bar was wrapped in plastic instead of recyclable tinfoil and then packaged in a shiny paper that you also cannot recycle. The coffees also came in non-recycle friendly packaging. I do not hold this against them, though. The products are good, but they won’t know what needs to be changed unless someone tells them.

If you are interested in purchasing this package for your honey bun, they are very affordable at $34.95 + shipping. Also, extra chocolate bars are only $5.49 each, or you can purchase solo gift bag (and they are on sale until February 14th).

Just because they love us so much, I have a treat for you: FREE SHIPPING! Just use the code “chocolatelove” before February 14th for UPS ground shipping (Continental US only, sorry my Canadian friends).

Disclosure: These products were sent to me at no charge to test and write a blog post for you to read. I, however, never promise to write a positive review, only an honest one for my readers. If I do not like something, I will let you know I do not like the product.