As I type this I still smell of sawdust from cutting and sanding the poplar for a new bookstand I’m making.  When I don’t think about it my leg isn’t hurting.  The pain comes from a small gash.  It’s hardly anything to look out but feels very deeply bruised.  Frankly, it’s not so much surprising that I got hurt so much as that my own children weren’t somehow involved.  I’m Rogan, earth_mommy’s husband.  Let me start at the beginning.
We don’t really have a ‘standard’ Saturday here but I thought I’d provide a prospective of today from the husband’s point of view.   I got up this morning at 6 am (major sleeping in there) and checked my email and blogs while everyone else still slept.  Then, at about 7:45 earth_mommy got up and went to the study to jump on the laptop and wake up without my annoying cheerfulness.  For the record I’m not cheerful in the morning – I’m just not grouchy.
Anyway, by 8:38 she had been kind enough to make a pot of coffee and get me some.  How do I know it was 8:38 exactly?  Because she said something about having to get to the local Fine Living Marketplace our town has on the first weekend of each month here in Hartsville.  When I asked?  Oh, between, 8:30 and 9:00 am.  Oh, now.  This was an issue as the second toddler was just starting to wake up and the teenager wasn’t up at all yet.  And since I had to head to Timmonsville to do some wiring and cleanup work on the new library before the grand opening / ribbon cutting ceremony tomorrow I couldn’t watch them.  If I have to go in on a weekend I often take one toddler (the older one colors while I work) but wiring rooms, electric control panels and toddlers just don’t mix.  I don’t even want to imagine the field day a lawyer could have with that liability.
Earth_mommy is manning a booth at the Marketplace for the Red Cross, selling donated goods, taking donations and giving information about donating blood, and so on.  So, she has to watch both toddlers which is where some help in the form of the teenager comes in.  This is a teenager who has not woken up yet.  A cattle prod should be considered acceptable to use in this circumstance.  It’s not.  I know this.  But I can wish.
So, we get going. The four of them head out.  I harass some chickens and head to the local recycling center to take care of 12 milk jugs and a couple bags of trash.  We really don’t have that much trash anymore thanks to less and less pre-processed foods in our diet.  I’m at the recycling center doing that when I get a call.  Quick trip back home for the fliers, some chairs and tape, quick trip by Marketplace and now I’m on the road.  I get there and run into my boss who is also putting in some hours today.  He then points out that so many people have RSVPed for the ribbon cutting tomorrow that we may need more chairs.  So, we’re off to Olanta to pick up chairs. Amazingly, there’s actually some sunlight in Olanta.  Tragically, it’s not spreading.  Back to Timmonsville, unload chairs.  Discover the hard way that they tip over way too easily.  Hilarity of the not at all funny type follows with two grown men and three rolling stacks of chairs that we’ve never tried to push up curbs before.
A stack of 20 metal chairs meet my shin.  Ouch.
So, I finish up there and run to meet earth_mommy at the Market but stop to get her some chili and a coffee since she’s been sitting there freezing for four hours at that point.  In the interim while I’ve been gone the kids have gone over to my sister’s where they’re playing with their cousin.  So, wrap up at Marketplace and then back home.  Earth_mommy and the youngest take a nap while 3 yr old and I head out side to burn some paper trash and clear some trash out of the yard.  The youngest never really settles down well but at least enough for my wife to nap a bit.  While I’m out there I get some laundry started, gather up eggs (find a few in unlikely places like in the paper burning can before I start the fire), herd the chickens out of the neighbor’s yard, attack a fictional animal (that’s a 3yr old thing), and start on my wood working project by cutting some pieces of poplar and sanding them.  Then I talked to the teenager about her studies and then let her watch the littler ones while we ran to the store and took the long way home to enjoy just a few extra minutes of being together as man and wife.
And that’s where we are now.  I’ve actually typed this in two parts.  I paused when we ran to the store and now I’m finishing it.  We’re watching a movie.  The teenager and earth_mommy are watching it.  I’m half watching it (it’s OK but not enthralling me) and the youngest is tired and fighting sleep.  The 3yr old?  She’s ignoring it and I just paused again because she wanted me to put one of my ties on her.  Tomorrow?  It all begins again.