Sorry for the absence thus far this week. My stepfather passed away Sunday morning. He had a heart attack last week and went into a coma. They took him off life support Sunday and he went quickly. I was not at all close to him, due to some family history, but went home Tuesday for the viewing and funeral on Wednesday to be with my mother and sisters (he had four girls before he married my mother, three of whom were at the viewing, and then they had my two younger sisters, both of whom were at the viewing).

The teen, who loves my mom almost as much as I do, stayed behind to be with her for a few days. So, I am working without a babysitter. And it has been an interesting time, to say the least. I did get a few hours, spaced out with many interruptions, today. The conference call on Skype with my boss was even more interesting, with Rowan, the 3 year old, stomping up and down the hallway in my heels yelling she was a princess, and then River, the 1 year old, screaming stop and I’m stuck ever so often. (Luckily, the boss has a daughter about River’s age, and is very understanding of this week’s special circumstances.)

The last few days have been so draining, we skipped gymnastics class for Rowan today. I just didn’t feel I could deal with people today. #socialanxiety I called, got their answering machine, and left a message. I reassured them we would be back next week, though. I didn’t want them to think we were dropping them in a passive-aggressive way, after one of the big kids’ meet instructors was arrested on felony charges stemming from texting one of his students. (We didn’t find out about this until my mother in law told us yesterday, while we were staying over at their house while in town, since we don’t have a TV for anything but watching DVDs. Floored us. Wow.) But, allegedly, nothing happened at the facility and we are not holding an employee’s actions against them, in this instance.

It is supposed to snow Friday and again on Monday. HERE. I am not amused. At all. Where do I go to complain? I moved further south so I would be warmer. Snow was not in the paperwork! *grumbles about four letter words* I hear it’s going to be nice in Miami this weekend…. #agirlcandream

So, here is to hoping next week is better.