I just read the best news from Anissa’s blog. She is coming home today!!!!! *does wonderfully long snoopy dance*

After over 90 days since her stroke, hospital ICU coma and recovery home, she is getting to come home and the Mayhews will be a family again. I read this and almost cried.

They do still need help, though. If you can help, they can use caregivers during the day. Also, she is going to have to go to physical therapy every day. This is going to cost them $100.00 per day in copays. There is a button on the link above, or there is one on the left side of this post, where you can click and donate money to help. Even if it is just $5.00, this will mean the world to them. Every dollar will help them.

I do not ever post asking for money. But this is important. Please, please, please, even if it is just $1.00, it will add up for the family.