This is Warhol.  We (meaning Earth Mommy) originally thought he was a she.  Andrea Warhol.  Since discovering the mistake it’s now just Warhol.  The Andy part is unnecessary.  He’s the rooster of our little flock and we think quite attractive.  In fact it’s probably the only thing that’s kept him from being Sunday dinner a few times.  Like when he caws out at 2 am.

Please take note: if you think a rooster can’t be loud, very loud, and the stories of their noise are over blown: you’re wrong.  If you think they primarily do this at dawn: you might be right but that still leaves a lot of time for doing it the rest of the time.  He also likes to chase our 18 month old around when she gets near the hens.

I’m told he’s a Japanese breed.  I do think he’s attractive and like him.  It’s good for him that I do.

– Daddy