Confession:  I can’t smile without him

Some of you may know my wonderful husband is away on business until late Friday night.  (No, I’m not worried about announcing this, as I have three huge dogs who are sweet unless they feel our family is being threatened – then it’s all Cujo till they go away.)  He left Wednesday morning and it is the first time we have been apart in almost six years.  Even when I was having the two youngest girls, he slept the entire time in the hospital with me.

I knew I would miss him, deeply.  But, in the vast reaches of the back of my mind, I kinda felt this would be an ok time for me.  He would be gone, we would miss him, but the daily grind would continue.

Ummm…yeah…that hasn’t worked out…

I almost literally cannot keep my mind focused. I admit to being postpartum, but come on folks, the weepiness at missing him is almost embarrassing.

I have work to do on a big project for the boss and then a ton of yard work (I did finally finish getting the last of the seeds in the garden planted yesterday afternoon)…but my mind keeps going fuzzy.  It’s not that I am constantly thinking about him, it’s just that my mind goes blank and I realize two or three minutes has past.  (I keep having to adjust my work time for my timesheet lol)

He will not be until almost midnight tomorrow.  I hope I’m still stable by then.

So, would you thrive or wither without your partner?  Tell me what you would do.