I’ve known for many years now about my husband’s sulfur allergy.  But it seems I am always running into something I didn’t know about foods and other items which contain sulfur (luckily Bare Essentials advertises their facial cleaner is sulfur based, so we dodged that bullet).

A few years after we were married, and I was pregnant with our second child, our cat, whom we had been putting off having neutered since he was an indoor cat, became very agitated due to my hormone levels being so high (the vet told us this was a very normal thing with cats and pregnant women).  One day, as we were rushing to get out the door to go visit family in another state, the cat bit and scratched him very deeply on the hand and wrist as my husband was trying to keep him from running out the door.  Within 24 hours a red line appeared on his arm and started going up toward his elbow.  We went to the emergency room and had some trouble as antibiotics are sulfur based.  He ended up with an IV dose of a synthetic antibiotic, but still ended up sick to his stomach and developed hives.  Needless to say, I was one nerve frayed wife by the time the dosage was done and he could get it out of his system.

Recently he has been breaking out on his back and knees and knuckles.  We were flabbergasted about what was causing the breakouts.  He mentioned that this was what happened with sulfur products, so I thought maybe our local manufacturing plant was somehow spewing it into the air.

Tonight, we solved the mystery. Red dye 40 and Yellow 6 were the culprits.  Let me back up a bit.  We purchase a generic brand of Crystal Light drink mix from Walmart, to help us increase our intact of water.  Turns out most of them contain both food dyes, which…dadadada…are sulfur based!  (For the record, I love Wikkipedia, as this is where I found information about both dyes.)

So now we have one more thing to look out for when reading labels.  Not only pay attention to the nutritional values and check for high fruitcose corn syrup (which I have noticed some labels are breaking down to what all is IN the HFCS, as to not put it on the label – sneaky, sneaky), but now we have to pay attention to food dyes.

So, if you or someone you know is allergic to sulfur, beware the generic drink mixes at Walmart.  And learn about the food dyes which come in our foods!

Any other things anyone has noticed out there which contains sulfur?  Let us know!