*tap, tap*  *tap, tap, tap*

Is this thing on?

Hello?  Anyone still around?

*sweeps dustbunnies under the couch*

So, I see you have found the new site.  I am still tinkering with the little details, but thought I’d better post something or you would all think I’d disappeared into the chaos that is putting up a new blog site.  Hey, I watch those disaster movies, I know to tie a rope around my waist before jumping into something 😉

In some gardening news:

Not all of my seeds sprung out of the ground (not exactly sure why some did and others did not, though), so Rogan and I ended up buying some seedlings from the store and putting them in the ground.  I have flower buds on my cherry tomatoes and my squash plants.  My potatoes are growing like, like, well, like weeds lol  I can’t wait to have enough tomatoes to start canning, so I don’t have to buy canned tomatoes for my sauces next year.

In fence news:

The fence is complete!  Well, except for the very back, which bunts up to the woods.  We haven’t quiet decided how we are going to do that yet, but figure it can wait – it’s on the far end of the house, way away from poison-my-babies neighbor man.  (See, I’m not bitter!)

Family news:

My littlest baby will be two in a few weeks.  It makes me sad, as the probability of ever having another baby is astronomical and would be detrimental to my health (adoption has not been ruled out though).  I told Rogan the other day, she’s lost her baby smell.  He said he can still smell it (it’s the nappies, hubby mine, they are baby powdered).  It seems just yesterday we were in the hospital, recovering from her birth.

And, yes, that is a Starbucks frap on the table.  Yes, the closest Starbucks is in Florence and I was in Carolina Pines, in Hartsville. lol  My husband spoils me 🙂