I used to think squirrels were just the cutest little things.  Sitting up on their hind legs and munching on seed I’d left out for the birds (my Mawmaw hated them because of this, they can be greedy and eat all the seeds so the birds don’t get any).  Their little tails twitching so evilly cat-like cutely.

This was before the weekend.  Now I know my Mawmaw was right.  BB Guns should be used without hesitation when you see these little buggers.

I know, I know, don’t email me about the violence to animals.  Until YOU have gone out to check on your painstakingly tended garden, proud of how well it is developing and mouth watering to pick tomatoes and squash to cook fresh dinners…only to almost faint at the sight of only a few plants being left in the ground.

No, it wasn’t the chickens.  There is a fence around the garden and there are no tell-tell scratch marks from the chickens.

No, it wasn’t the black lab – this time!  (He ate my entire garden last year.)  See above about the fence, and there were no signs of a dog’s presence in the mud.

Could it have been birds?  Yes, if they were the size of dogs ducks.  Those plantings were well along and a small bird could not have pulled the ENTIRE plant out of the ground.

Deduction:  Evil Squirrels did the deed.

Solution:  A netting of chicken wire ON TOP of our fence.  And purchasing growing plants and re-seeding others.

Bloody Squirrels….