Recently, I was sent the Safe Plant and Garden Bundle by Eco Smart to try out at my quasi-homestead.  This bundle contains a 24 ounce bottle of their Weed and Grass Killer, a 24 ounce of their Garden Fungicide, a 24 ounce of their Garden Insect Killer and a 6 ounce bottle of their Insect Repellent, all for the low price of $26.00 USD.

If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know I hate chemicals.  Especially if said chemicals are going to be used around my kids or my animals.  This is why I grow my garden and fruit trees organically as possible.  I mix my own insecticidal soap and other natural remedies for everything from house cleaning to my yard work.  So, I was being as open minded as possible while trying these products.  They worked!  And, they worked as well as my home remedies.  This bodes well for those of you out there who do not have the confidence or the time to make your own products – I plan on recommending them to my mother.  They work, and they are reasonably priced.  And, bonus, they do not smell like chemicals!  In fact, they smelled rather minty fresh to me.  Plus, I did not have to worry about wind direction when spraying, worried about it getting to my children or the animals and making them sick.

I used the Weed and Grass Killer on our brick patio, where tuffs of grass are always sneaking in between the stone pavers.  I usually treat this with a solution of hot water and sea salt, as we have three children, three dogs, two cats and nine chickens running around the yard.  As is the nature of weeds, though, they always grow back.  I spritzed the weeds with this solution and I have to say it worked as well as my home remedy.

The Garden Fungicide was used on my white peach trees.  Our little peaches have developed a funky little fungicide that had been driving me crazy, and killing the baby peaches.  I was at a loss of what to do about this problem, as my insecticidal soap had not been working.  This spray has gone a long way to getting rid most of the icky on the trees.  I am going to put this on my products to buy in the future list.

The Garden Insect Killer has been marvelous.  We have a good sized garden and something had been munching on our pole bean plants.  When my insecticidal soap doesn’t work, why not turn to a natural insect repellent?  I sprayed this all over my plants, in replacement of the insecticidal soap I mix every spring, and there has been a big reduction on bugs with the munchies.

Now, the Insect Repellent.  THIS I might be buying in bulk very soon!  There are so many chemical repellents and insect killers out on the market today and what can you really trust?  Most commercial products contain chemicals I do NOT wish to put on my poor fair skinned children.  The youngest, bless her heart, is like her momma – a ‘skeeter magnet.  We can be outside less than five minutes and she has what seems like a million of little white bite bumps all over her arms, legs and whatever else is exposed.  And we are talking about South Carolina ‘skeeters here people.  These things could, quite possibly, carry off a newborn calf, if they were so inclined.  This not only didn’t stink of chemicals (it has a smell that reminds me of minty bubble gum), but it kept most of the bugs off the baby for a good few hours before having to reapply.

Disclaimer:  I was sent these products free of charge to review for The Untrained Housewife.