As you may have read here, we recently had to put up a fence in our wonderful little corner of the country.  It took us several weekends and a LOT of money, but we put up the fencing ourselves.  It covers almost the entire yard now.  We deliberately left some of the old fencing (just regular old welded wire fencing) we had originally put up to try to corral the chickens.  We decided to cover the back of the lot, overgrown woods which but up against our property line, and to keep some in the side yard, which went into an overgrown part of our yard and connected to our next door neighbor’s fence (we didn’t want to get scratched up trying to connect the two fences through all the under brush).

As it turns out, it was a good thing we left the bit on the side yard.  Otherwise, I would still be crying right now.

Yes, boys and girls, that’s right, the tree we WEREN’T worried about call an arborist and having a tree falling on our house, fell on our house.  Well, more precisely, it fell on top of the old fencing…right BESIDE the new chain link we had put up.

(Ok, ignore the sheet hanging on the clothes line here, please people..that’s it…keep walkin’)

The lesson here, besides the fact that teenagers need to learn to put up their bikes, is sometimes keeping the old is a blessing in disguise.

That and be grateful the tree wasn’t more top heavy.

We got lucky, folks.  No roof damage, just a lot of debris we still haven’t gotten rid of.  We were worried about a tree on the OTHER side of the house, and had been planning to call a tree removal company to do some tree trimming for all of our old big trees.  Now we are wondering what the total cost of tree removal is going to be.  Yes, folks, it isn’t going to be pretty.