As you all know, I have been doing a part-time work at home job since the end of January.  I love it.  The lil ones don’t have to go to daycare (the teen helps me watch them), I get to homeschool the teen (oh, the things we have discovered she did not know, which we consider important), I get to garden and I don’t have to drive two hours, one way, to get to work (BONUS!).

My boss has been great.  I get the job done without micromanagement, I get to offer ideas and solutions and I feel like I am really helping her.  Not working from May to January made me realize I really love to work.  I want the feeling I am helping someone out at work, that I am being challenged and that I am having fun doing this.  Thus the decision to work from home.

It can be difficult to find legitimate work at home opportunities.  There are so many work at home scams out there.  I just happened to luck out and found moms who work at home on Twitter and had the opportunity to network with them.  That is the real key, ya’ll.  You have to network.  You have to be yourself.  You have to let others know who you are, really.

The downside, it is part-time. I love being able to work a job from home.  My boss once asked me if I ever wanted to do freelance work.  She even had a friend who made jewelry ask if she could borrow me.  That was a few months back, but it really stuck in my head and made me start thinking.

How many people out there start a home business every day?  Answer:  Lots!  But, in the grand scheme of things, online work at home businesses aren’t that prevalent yet.  I have been doing secretarial and administrative work since I was 18 years old.  I was a corporate accountant for an international business for five years.  I have skills.

So, I have decided to start my own work at home business.  I can do virtual assistant jobs at home, still work for my boss, and still be able to stay home with the kids while feeding my need to keep my brain from going to mush.  How do you stay away from work at home scams?  Simple, create your own work at home business.

I have begun the process of getting everything set up and am hoping the next few months will bring in clients.  Then I can start gaining a reputation and be able to bring in even more clients.  I am very, very excited!

Oh, you can find my new website at!  Please, stop by and see what’s going on.