So, I have been having one of those weeks again.  You know the one:  Every day feels like a Monday and every one of your children seems like they have it in for you and you are afraid you will wake up in the morning with a horse head in the bed with you?

*crickets churp*

Oh, that’s just me, huh?  Figures….Anywho…

I started up my new business.  Got the website up.  Spent a month putting up content on said website.  Spent weeks fiddling with it after it was up and spending time on Twitter, put a FaceBook like page and done the blog comments round to get the website URL out there.  I’ve even done some logo design.  I’ve fished on Elance and other sites.  I’ve gotten a few nibbles, but no one has actually taken the bait and asked about pricing a job for them.

That has me down in the dumps.  But I was ok.  I was moving through it.  I put the sticky on my wall “If it’s to be, it’s up to me.”  Yeah, I’ve been all motivational and stuff…

That was before I looked at our bank account today.  Yeah.  I need a steady income stream greater than what I am bringing in now.

So…I’ve been browsing local want ads.  I found one.  One I am qualified for.  Actually, I might be a bit over qualified, but it’s an accounting job and I can do that in my sleep.  And, it’s money.  This company?  Yeah, it would be good money.

Now the question I must mull over is this:  I quit my job last year to be able to be with my children and husband more (I was spending four hours per day just driving to and from work then).  The gas prices were close to four dollars a gallon (Ok, UKers, no laughing) and I was filling up the tank every one and a half trips.  I had dreams of things I would be able to get done around the house and in the garden.  Rogan tried to warn me I was dreaming too big, but I called him a stick in the mud.

Today the house is still a big wreck and the laundry is still way behind.  I have a much smaller garden than I had wanted, but last year’s garden was eaten by our black lab and this year’s garden is on its second planting because of evil Jedi Squirrels.  The wee ones run around nakkid most of the time, because I don’t have the energy to put them back on every three seconds.  *whispers*  And some days their hair doesn’t get brushed.  *sigh*

I am trying to do it all:  homeschool, love on the little ones (the teen won’t let me love on her anymore) and start a business while trying to can and tend to animals and work the garden…oh, yeah, and do a few loads of laundry, too.

What I’m thinking is, I might be less stressed if I worked an eight hour day without the kids constantly grabbing my mouse arm.  This means either get enough jobs to hire a nanny or put them in daycare…or get a “real” job.

Family or money…this is what has come of the American Dream.