I have decided to do a new meme on the website.  Every Saturday I am going to post a recipe with pictures of the steps I take to create the dish.  Most will be my own recipes, or family recipes I have made for umpteen years now.  Occasionally I will use a recipe from one of my favorite recipe sites, giving you the URL so you will fall in love with the site, too 🙂

Today we will do a simple scrambled egg dish with cheese.

Our family of five needs needs large to extra large eggs.  As you can see, there is no consistency in the size of the eggs I used.  Hard to tell twelve hens to only lay a certain size, and size doesn’t matter with this dish anyway, so we take what is laid for us.

As an aside here, I just wanted to point out to how much yellower the yolks of fresh eggs from free range chickens are than their store bought counterparts.  I can also tell you there is a vast taste difference, too.  After eating eggs from our own chickens, or those from farmers in our area, I can never buy another carton of eggs from the store again.

Now, I like to add a sprinkle of sea salt (I used iodine added sea salt, as iodine is not found easily in normal eating habits or vitamins and your body needs this mineral), but you can use which ever salt product you like the most, and fresh ground pepper to taste.  You can then mix the eggs together until yolks and whites are combined, or you can pour them into the skillet and mix them as they cook (this is how my husband cooks them).

Either way you scramble your eggs, what is really important is you use real butter, not margarine.  I prefer the unsalted butter, as it lets me control the sodium levels in my food.  I also use a cast iron skillet, as I am slowly building up my non-Teflon cookware arsenal (see dangers of Teflon here and here.)

I like to make sure the skillet is hot (medium-high heat) and the butter is completely melted and covering the bottom of the pan before adding my eggs.

Size does matter!  Make sure the size of your pan correlates with the amount of eggs you use.  You want to make sure there are enough eggs to cover the bottom of the pan and give some depth.

But, of course, you do not have to do it my way – this is not that burger chain with the scary king mascot.  Stir your eggs which ever way has become habit for you.  The secret to liking to cook is to cook how you feel comfortable cooking.

I use a flat wooden spatula to stir my eggs.  I start from one side of the pan and then scrap from the bottom all the way to the other side of the pan.  When you have scrapped the whole side, start scraping from the other end of the pan, making a cross formation.  This will ensure you flip all the eggs and they cook all the way through.

It will not take long to get to the yumminess.  It is almost time to eat!

PSA: Over stirring your eggs will result in them looking like “bits and pieces”.  Only stir them enough to make sure the eggs cook properly for the light fluffy looking platefuls of egg.

Turn the eggs out onto a plate and sprinkle with shredded cheddar cheese.  You can also serve this dish with some buttered toast, so people can make egg and cheese sandwiches.  A perfect side, since I am from the South, naturally is buttered and salted grits.

So, I hope ya’ll enjoyed the first installment of Saturday Recipes.  Feel free to leave comments or suggestions for future posts.