Sorry I missed last week’s installment on EVERYTHING.  Lots of drama in the house – if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you know what I am talking about.  Let’s just say between teenage girls and asthma this month needs to find the door.

Anyhow.  This week’s recipe installment is how to make an easy salsa called Pico de Gallo.  Keep in mind, I do not normally measure when I do my own recipes, so each one ends up tasting slightly different, but I will do my best to guide you with the ingredients listing.

You will need:

About nine small tomatoes – bigger than cherry, but not HUGE.  A roma or small heirloom, or any variety, would do.

1 Large Sweet Onion

Cilantro – just a dash if you are using dried

Lime Juice

See, not many ingredients 🙂  Also, I sometimes will take two cobs of sweet corn, cut off the kernels into the bowl for variety.  This is soooo yummy!

First a tip:  The secret to slicing tomatoes is a very sharp knife, otherwise you end up butchering the tomatoes and not getting clean cuts.  I use a knife from a set we bought years ago, which came with a knife sharpener (I have received no compensation from Oneida, it is just the knife I have and use regularly).  I tend to sharpen my knives at the minimum of once a week.  If I am cutting something like a tomato or a carrot or onion, I will sharpen before cutting.

This is what you want your tomato slices to look like, nice and clean.

I like to halve my tomatoes before I begin slicing them.  Choice of how to slice and

dice are yours.

Now, slice the onions.

Mix tomatoes and onions, add cilantro and lime juice (the juice will keep the veggies fresh and give it an extra kick of flavor in the process).  Stir well and serve with chips!