We had loads of fun at DragonCon this year!  Unfortunately, I got so involved in people watching I kept forgetting to take pics.  I missed a lot of pics of some brilliant costumes, too 😦

Before we get started though, I have to ask – what is this building in Atlanta?

Here is a closer pic of what I am really concerned about with the building.

What is the top used for?  Ancient Greek sacrificial ceremonies to gods of economy??? (Hey, hey, get your finger off the email button, I promise I am only jesting.  I just think it’s an odd topping for a building.)

Now, a few pics of great note!

Look who I met!!!  If you don’t recognize him, you are obviously not a horror movie fan!!!

Tom Savini Rocks!!!

If you are a fan of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files series (the books, they never made it into the television show), you will understand this one.  Pizza or Death!!!  On another note, I was thrilled they actually made it into the signing room, it would have been criminal if Jim Butcher had not gotten to see them!

Ok, onto the show!!!

Sleeping Beauty Villian

Good thing lil ones didn't go with us - Tiana would have been mobbed (Princess and the Frog)

This was one of my favorites

The Con is not official until you see your first Slave Girl Leia...not sure why she is with PinHead though lol

I may try to recreate this one for next year...but in purple and black

I found Waldo!!!

Where is C3PO?

As always:  If you like what you see here, or don’t, go see our fearless leader, Lotus, for even better pics and a list of more people check out!