This morning, I am driving up to Asheville, NC with Rogan to attend the Type A Mom conference.  I will get to do so many really neat things and take some awesome classes.  I will get to meet people I have chatted with on Twitter FOREVER (*cough* Anissa *cough*).  But, the really, really big plus side?  I get to spend alone time with my husband.  (And sleep without fear of being kicked in the face in the middle of the night by a sleep-wandering toddler.)

I purchased my tickets back in May, determined to go after all the great reviews of last year’s conference.  I had been planning all along on having to take the girls with us and make it a family vacation of sorts.  Then I thought the inlaws might take them for the weekend.  But they are going up to Pennsylvania for the Mother Earth News Fair, plus it’s hard for them to watch the toddlers overnight because of the cosleeping.

Then I had a wonderful idea.  My mom could use some getaway time from the gang living with her and we needed someone to watch the lil ones who was used to bed sharing.  It’s a win-win!

So, I will have some posts put up to go for you this weekend and I will be back to my (ir)regular posting on Monday!  Hope to see you on the roof of The Biltmore Estate!