Thursday I was given a wonderful opportunity, along with Rogan and 50 other amazing women (Rogan was the only man in our group), to go on a rooftop tour of the house, a tour of Antler Hill Village (and part of the farm) and a tour of the winery of the wonderful Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC, as part of the Type A Mom Conference. I had an amazing time! Thank you, Biltmore Estate and Type A Mom for this opportunity!

If any of my readers ever have the opportunity, I highly recommend both the city of Asheville and the Biltmore Estate as vacation destinations. It is a lot of walking (and a lot of steep hills), but the city is amazing in it’s culture and it’s food and hospitality – and you can spend DAYS exploring all the beauty that is Biltmore, walking, biking, horseback, kayaking, it is all available there.

Front of the Biltmore Estate

Front Facade of the Biltmore

Side Entrance Wall Sconce

Original Wall Sconce

View from George's Balcony at Biltmore Estate

Back Balcony Vista

Mini Column Statue

One of the Statues on the Wall

Chandelier by Staircase

Three Tiered Chandelier

Wild Turkey Crossing Road

Wild Turkeys Crossing the Road

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